Beaucraft W.L.L. was launched in April 2009 by Vanguard W.L.L as the first national company specializing in providing complete marine leisure services such as managing and operating marinas: importing, exporting, selling and leasing boats, yachts and jet skis; providing internal maintenance for ships; and provision of advisory and development services as well as logistical support to waterfront real-estate developments. Furthermore, the company's focus is to provide turn-key marina and leisure solutions that adhere to the most rigorous of international standards; with primary focus on safety, professionalism and high-quality of services.

Beaucraft aims to providing the services of marina and leisure design and development, marina and leisure operations and management, marina maintenance, training, brokerage, import, sales as well as leasing and financing. Moreover during its years of operations, the company continuously assesses market requirements and progressively development more sophisticated marina and leisure products and services such as water sports management, scuba diving, dolphin watching and charter tours as well as marine leisure training services.